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Employee receives settlement for sexual harassment incident

Women in the workforce have encountered various setbacks and pitfalls in the past. Although it is presumed that males and females are treated equally in the workplace, this is not always the case. Some female employees experience unequal treatment when they do not receive comparable salaries and promotion opportunities. In addition to sex discrimination, women in the workplace also experience sexual harassment. These situations often lead to a hostile work environment, and the employee could experience damages.

Following a sexual harassment claim, a Minnesota office furniture and supply company recently reached a settlement. The company agreed to pay a settlement of $11,000 for damages. This claim stemmed from the operations manager allegedly using the security camera system at the company to stream footage of the breasts and body parts of the female employees to his personal computer.

Sixteen employees claim gender discrimination against jeweler

When an individual in Minnesota applies for a job and obtains that position, they expect to be treated like any other employee with a similar position. Although these expectations are common, they are not always fulfilled. Although a male and a female are employed in the same position, a male might receive a higher pay, better benefits and higher chance for promotion. Gender discrimination creates a potential hostile work environment. In addition, it could force an employee to quit and cause them damages.

A class-action lawsuit was recently filed against Sterling Jewelers. The company owns 1,400 jewelry stores across the United States, including Jared and Kay Jewelers. According to a report, the claim alleges that the company discriminated against female employees. This occurred by paying females less, denying them promotions and failing to respond to some complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace.

University of Minnesota golf coach wins discrimination claim

Minnesota residents who are currently employed or are seeking employment understand that it is important to not only have an enjoyable career, but also to work in a comfortable environment. A simple act that could easily lead to an employment discrimination situation occurs when an employee believes that he or she is being mistreated due to a characteristic trait. This is often evidenced by a hostile work environment or wrongful termination. Such an incident could eventually lead to the employee filing a claim for the damages suffered as a result.

A women's golf coach at the University of Minnesota was recently awarded compensation for the damages she suffered from discriminatory treatment by her employer. Reports indicated that the woman was hired in 2010, and when it was discovered that she was a lesbian, her employer forced her to resign from her position.

Five officers in Richfield file age discrimination suit

For many Minnesotans, finding a long-term career is not only ideal but it is quite an accomplishment. When an employee remains with the same employer throughout a career, it is often celebrated because they did not have to deal with layoffs or multiple career changes. Although it can be a positive experience, some older employees do not always reap the benefits of being an older employee. Some older employees may experience employment discrimination due to their age and may not be afforded the opportunity to obtain a promotion. This often leads to hostile work environment or even wrongful termination.

After alleging that they were denied the opportunity to receive promotions as well as special assignments, five police officers in Richfield have sued the city in Hennepin County for age discrimination. The five officers include four men and one woman between the ages of 44 and 54-years-old.

Senate seeks to pass legislation to protect LGBT employees

When a resident in Minnesota accepts a job, they are often prepared for rules and regulations at their workplace that are set in place to ensure a safe, positive and productive work environment. Although employers should want all employees to feel comfortable at their job, workplace discrimination is still a serious issue that affects many of our nation's workers. Furthermore, employment discrimination seriously hinders the ability of some qualified individuals to obtain a position with an employer. This can happen in many contexts, including when employment decisions are made based on a person's sexual orientation.

It was recently reported that some are circulating a letter among the Senate in order to push the President to issue an executive order regarding workplace discrimination. Specifically, the executive order would extend workplace nondiscrimination to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Minnesota employee sues for disability discrimination

Equality in the work environment is often a clear and obvious expectation for workers beginning their employment. Although it is expected, it does not mean that it is appropriately established and carried out by employers. Employment discrimination is often based on characteristic traits and could lead to a hostile work environment regardless of whether an employee decides to put up with the situation or speaks out about it.

When an employee has a disability, their employer is often made aware of this. This is often because they need specific accommodations or modifications so they can carryout the duties of the job. For most, this can easily be completed with little to no disruption in the work environment. Employers who are readily able to make specific accommodations for an employees' disability, yet refuse to make changes to assist their needs, could be guilty of disability discrimination. This recently occurred when a Minnesota employer denied an employee bathroom breaks, which were required due to a medical condition.

Sex discrimination a growing concern in the NFL

It is expected that employees will be treated properly in the work environment, but it is also implied that their civil rights will be upheld. Although this is commonly thought to be true and ideal, this is not always how workplaces function. Employment discrimination does occur, and when it happens it not only affects the individual, but it could also touch and concern the whole workplace. This is especially true if a hostile work environment results or retaliation by the employer occurs.

Sex discrimination is a growing concern in various work environments. After recent reports about certain players in the NFL, it is obvious that changes need to be made with regards to discrimination against homosexual players. Comments and actions by some players, coaches, assistants, representatives and scouts for the NFL could suggest that equal treatment does not exist for gay players.

Successful whistleblower lawsuit brought in Minnesota

When it comes to their job and career goals, employees often have more responsibilities than their job summary provides. In addition to their normal daily tasks, employees should be aware of the ethics and legality of the work conducted at the workplace. When a worker is concerned that something illegal is going on, it is important that they speak out. Unfortunately, employees are fearful of losing their job if they say something and it ends up being wrong. Even when they are correct about what they are reporting, the employee fears termination and a damaged professional reputation. This is why whistleblower rights are essential for employees.

When it comes to speaking out about unethical practices and illegal activity in the workplace, whistleblower protection could significantly help the employee that reports such events. Due to these protections, an employee at Minnesota-based Globe University received a nearly $1 million award for damages after she was fired for reporting illegal activity at her place of employment.

JPMorgan settles sexual harassment claims

Women in the professional world have consistently increased over the past decades. This has not only lead to equal representation of both genders in the work force, it has also opened up other issues involving equal treatment. Although women seek and expect equal treatment in the work environment, this is not always the case. This is where sexual harassment and hostile work environments often exhibit themselves, and Minnesota employees should know their rights in these situations.

The United States banking giant JPMorgan Chase recently settled charges that claimed that the company allowed sexual harassment to occur in one of its offices in Ohio. The workplace harassment led to unfair treatment of sixteen female employees.

Dealing with age discrimination in the hiring process

Getting a job or making a career change is often a very exciting and momentous experience for workers in Minnesota. This is especially true if a person has been in the workforce for several years or even decades working towards a position or career. But age discrimination is a real problem in the work world, and those suffering from such an experience might suffer damages to their careers and livelihoods.

A recent report indicated that social networking and professional sites such as LinkedIn could pose some discrimination issues. Specifically, an online profile could affect an employer's consideration of a well-qualified person if that candidate's older age is evident. Hiring an older employee could mean that retirement is around the corner and the employer might have to re-hire again. In addition, some employers discriminate against the older generation because they might not be perceived as equally well-equipped to handle the technology in today's work world.

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